Client Management | Mindbody (2024)

Client Management | Mindbody (1)

Client management

With quick access to client details, you’ll be able to deliver truly exceptional service to anyone who walks in your door.

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The tools you need to build a best-in-class experience

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Capture key client information

Client profiles consolidate all the info you need, including preferences, payment details, and service history. Add notes and follow-ups for a more personalized experience.

Client Management | Mindbody (3)

Surprise and delight

Set up instant notifications so staff can connect and celebrate first visits, birthdays, redeemable awards, and more.

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Easy access to account history

Access an overview of each client’s account, including billing info as well as payment and visit history to be sure everything’s on track.

Automatic income for you—and more benefits for clients

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Membership enrollments

Establish long-term relationships and keep your clients coming back with easy-to-manage autopay memberships.

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Preventative alerts

Know when to inform clients to update their payment info, and when new client intro offers are expiring.

Client Management | Mindbody (7)

Perks for loyal members

Incentivize your clients with customizable, members-only perks and booking privileges when they refer their friends.

Client Management | Mindbody (8)

Family accounts

Reduce admin time and keep payments up-to-date—clients can manage multiple family members with a single account.

Client Management | Mindbody (9)

Continue CRM efforts across any device

Access all your most important client details with the Mindbody business app. Pull up profiles, manage memberships, store waivers, and handle payments directly from your phone—anytime, anywhere.

Manage your business from anywhere
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Improve your brand perception

With a custom app for your brand, available on the App Store and Google Play, clients can book, buy, and receive push notifications and messages. All of their updates seamlessly connect to your software.

Upgrade to a branded experience
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Automate check-in

Avoid creating lines at the front desk with the Mindbody Class Check-in app. Clients can sign themselves in, and the app notifies your staff when class members have arrived.

Bypass the front desk

Build exceptional client relationships

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a membership database?

With Mindbody software, it’s easy to create a robust membership database that can grow with your business. Client profiles consolidate all the membership info you need, including member preferences, member payment details, and service history. The Mindbody platform makes it easy to add notes and follow-ups for a more personalized customer experience. Best of all, you can access all your most important member details with the Mindbody business app, right from your phone.

How can I keep track of client progress?

Mindbody software offers the automated, easy-to-use progress tracking features you and your members are looking for. You can toss away those notebooks and spreadsheets and easily edit and access member progress details straight from your Mindbody software. There are no limits on programs, classes, or number of members—our automated progress tracking system is designed to scale with you. What’s more, our AI-powered membership reporting lets you view client payment and visit history at a glance and will automatically notify you when memberships and autopays are expiring.

Does Mindbody Business software support automatic membership

Yes, Mindbody’s powerful integrated payment system supports automatic membership renewals—and so much more. Automatic recurring payments for membership fees offer a seamless customer experience and less hassle for you. Plus, we’ll ensure that membership revenue comes in without delay with our built-in Card Updater feature for expiring cards. Our all-in-one software makes payments easy: you can accept payments anytime, anywhere on your mobile device with the Mindbody business app. You’ll also have the confidence that all card data is securely stored at the highest industry standard available: PCI Level 1.

Is there a limit to the number of clients or members I can store in Mindbody?

Mindbody business software is purpose-built for growth, so there are no limits on programs, classes, or members, and no limits for your business. With quick access to member details, the Mindbody platform ensures you’ll be able to deliver truly exceptional customer experience to each one of your members, even if they are one of thousands. Our flexible software allows you to manage family membership accounts and even lets you incentivize clients with customizable, members-only perks and booking privileges when they refer friends.

Client Management | Mindbody (2024)


How much is Mindbody worth? ›

In February 2019, the company was acquired by Vista Equity Partners for US$1.9 billion.

What happened to Mindbody? ›

Vista Equity Partners, a leading global investment firm, acquired Mindbody, the leading wellness technology platform for the wellness industry, in February 2019.

What does Mindbody do? ›

Mindbody is a cloud-based club management and appointment scheduling solution designed for the needs of small to midsize businesses.

How many customers does Mindbody have? ›

With 2.4 million active users, the Mindbody Marketplace is the largest global network of new wellness client leads.

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